The Story 

Back in June, we got an awesome email from a zozi fan and customer by the name of Grant Engler. He had proposed to his girlfriend on a romantic zozi Getaway vacation in Mexico, and had sent us an email with a photo of him down one knee wearing a zozi shirt popping the big question. We passed the email around to the entire company and everyone was stoked and happy for him and his new fiance.

Most importantly, it was inspiring for us to remember that the business we work hard to build everyday actually helps people have amazing experiences and make incredible memories. We were so touched in fact that we wanted to take Grant’s “ZOZI moment” and make it even more incredible by helping the two lovebirds be the first couple to ever to be wedded by jetpack.

Both share a deep love for the outdoors and new experiences, so we figured this would be the perfect opportunity for us to give back to our awesome customers and show what our business is most passionate about: helping people (especially two people in love!) live their life to the fullest through amazing, awe-inspiring experiences.